WorkSource Southwest Georgia Policies

WorkSource Southwest Georgia Policies

1 Adoption and Dissemination of Procedures PLCY

3 Travel Reimbursement PLCY

WIOA-2017-8  On the Job Training Policy

11 Advances for Service Providers PLCY

WIOA-2017-14 Procurement Policy

15 Bonding and Insurance Procedures PROCED

18 Nepotism Procedures PROCED

19 Property Management PLCY

WIOA-2016-25 Support Services Policy

28 Service to Outside Area Residents PLCY

WIOA-2017-33 Individual Training Accounts Policy

WIOA-2017-035 Youth Incentive Policy

WIOA-2016-37  Initial Eligibility and Program Additions ETPL Policy

WIOA-2017-39 Records Retention Policy

WIOA-2017-42 Youth Requires Additional Assistance Policy

50 Written Notice Required for Agenda PLCY

54 Eligibility_Priority of Service PLCY

WIOA-2017-58 Adult DW WEX Policy

WIOA-2016-60  Customized Training Policy

WIOA-2017-62 Short Term Pre-Vocational Services Policy

WIOA-2016-64 Family Size Income Determination and Self Sufficiency Standards Policy

WIOA-2017-65 Transitional Jobs Policy

WIOA-2017-66 Youth WEX Policy

WIOA-2017-67 Incumbent Worker Policy

WIOA-2017-68 Relocation Assistance Policy

WIOA-2018-017 Equal Opportunity Complaint and General Grievance Policy and Proc

WIOA-2018-017 Programmatic General Grievance Complaint Form Regarding Policy

WIOA-2018-63 One Stop Certification Policy

WIOA-2018-069 Rapid Response Policy

WIOA-2018-070 Disaster Response Plan Policy